Sunday, November 18, 2007

State Of Decay

I woke up right where I fell asleep last night watching Miss Marple, with a flicker sitting outside the window. Looking at me? Or looking at himself in the reflection of the glass in the french doors. Trying to decide where he could do the most damage, I suspect. After grabbing a drink of water from an overflowing flower pot saucer he flew off. I grabbed my camera anyway and braved the dog poop in the very soggy backyard (won't mention the name of the person who is meant to be cleaning the grass of those deposits ... M!)

Have not been a good custodian of the yard this year. Hydrangeas were left to rot without doing my "big fall hydrangea cutting". So there they all are looking sad that they did not find their way into the house and houses of friends. It feels splendid to be off for a week, a quiet morning of coffee and food network and trying to decide what to do next.

I think mom and I will head over the Northwest Craft Show today, then decide what room I should start cleaning first.

state of decay

state of decay

state of decay

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indigo16 said...

First of all I am so glad you finally seem to be having a break, you work way too hard. Second how do you get such beautiful luminous colours in your photos? genius