Sunday, November 11, 2007


Giant Rhubarb Leaf or Something Like it on FreshPhotograph found via Where the Cool Photos Hang Out on Read/Write Web. FFFFOUND! image bookmarking. CTM2007: Illuminations B. Plant Gel vs Ant Gel.

This heartbreaking image.

[later} Thanks to Dee for pointing out the insane comments on that most touching photo of a mom returning home to her child. In my hurried state of surfing during lunch I did not notice the thread on that photo. Although I am against this particular war, I am completely disgusted that people would have the audacity to leave snide and ugly comments about this mom and her reunion with her daughter. If she chooses to serve her country in whatever capacity for whatever reasons is simply no one else's flippin' (am choosing a better word here than I would rather use) business. All I can say in my total disgust is I DARE THEM. As they sit comfortably in their family rooms in front of their computer screens to judge someone else and their circumstances ... who do they think they are?


dee said...

Wow-did you read the comments people made. I am 100% against the war but I am not against the men and women who are over there risking their lives-Isn't that what it's really about. I can't get over how cruel people are in response to a picture such as this one. My first reaction was a lumpo in my throat. Whatever her reason for leaving a child of that age behind(maybe the Army paid for her medical degree)while I may not agree that it's a good idea I'm so shocked at how cruel the comments are. I'm not a bible thumper but whatever happened to common descency and "judge not, lest ye be judged" Stunning cruelty seems pervasive these days.

Kim Carney said...

oh, I must have missed that on the comments ... I was hurriedly finding stuff the other day during my lunch ... I am going to go back and look at that. I think people in general are too judgmental ... and I think anyone leaving negative comments on a photo like that! terrible. I think open comments on the internet leave us open to many crazy people and their crazy ideas! I am going to look right now and maybe counter those comments with one of my own ;)

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

oh my i saw the image and felt tears swell and then i read the rest of the post and went back and checked out the hateful comments...and i wanted to cry even more...i can't believe people can be so heartless...and we wonder why the idea of war can it not, we can't seem to love, accept, and respect each other