Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Self-Portrait Tuesday 11.20

We are cooking and cleaning. My self-portrait is more about my mom and me than me. I clean and she cooks. My T-day cooking only involves putting the marshmallows on the yams and making the brussel sprouts. My mom cooks in whatever she is wearing and always looks great while she does it. I have had on the same clothes for the last two days trying to clean the house for Thanksgiving. Go see what everyone else wearing.

mom cooking

Mom dressing for dressing

And I am wearing cleaning clothes today ... Scooter helping me clean the house.

Self-Portrait 11.20

cooking and cleaing


Angel said...

we don't have t-day celebrations in Australia...I never got the idea of putting marshmallows in sweet potato, I could imagine though that it would be quite a deliciously sweet vegie treat :)

dee said...

great picture and , once again, two great looking Babes. Happy Turkey Day.