Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Harsh Pruning

I can't be outside right now because someone is pruning the hydrangeas ... muderously. And I am paying him to do it. I am too emitionally attached to them to prune too much so I think this is for the best.

a leaf with my coffee

I am too old to stay on a ladder that long! So I have stopped at 4 branches. If I find more before my inlaws get here for Christmas I might throw more up there.



joelle said...

Such creativity Kim! I love how your dining room looks, Happy Thanksgiving!

Nicole said...

Hi, I plan to decorate the ceiling for my wedding like this! I want to add lanterns and crystals though. Could you PLEASE tell me how you fastened the branches? I don't want any of them falling down either, haha!

I would be so appreciative of an e-mail:

Thanks, it looks great!

Kim Carney said...

Hey Nicole, sent you mail! Good luck, send me pics ;)