Monday, November 05, 2007

It Is A Mystery

This great idea, flowerbox, flowers hanging on the wall (I just wish they would leave their logo off the display box). Doorganizer and these adorable hand-knitted hats of La Folie both via The Chic Mom via Amazon's blog.

If I can't watch mystery on PBS Sunday nights, then I have purchased my own. The only reason I love Sunday nights: 60 minutes and PBS mystery! I order The Ruth Rendell Mysteries and Agatha Christie's Miss Marple Series 2 and 3 starring the impish, sherry drinking Geraldine McEwan. Another reason to have something good to watch on hand, the strike.


kate said...

What about "Rosemary and Thyme"? I LOVE those spunky women. And they're not young, lithe, unwrinkled starlets. Real women. I can relate.

Kim Carney said...

you know my mom mention them the other day, but I dont think I have seen that series. I did see it on Amazon ... will get them right after I get through my miss marple series ;)

birdie said...

I watch Miss Marple as often as possible but I've never seen Ruth Rendell or Rosemary and Thyme. I feel like I've hit the jackpot. My little fingers can't type Amazon fast enough. Thanks for the happy tips!