Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hey Grandma!

M was in the Macy's parade. You have to hunt him down in this photo. At the Camp Casey retreat. Track in down at the homecoming parade and game. Or check out what else he is up to in Jazz.


Anonymous said...

How did I do - Macy's Parade -2nd from the left; Homecoming - Trombonist behind the Sax player; Camp Casey - lst Chair on the right. Game day - I don't see that well. I know there is a way to blow them up but I don't want to learn too much or more will be expected of me. Love to all Grandma. Give Dianne a special hug.

Anonymous said...

I goofed - don''t know my left from my right. Camp Casey pix - lst Chair on the left. Love yuall