Sunday, November 18, 2007

Northwest Craft Show

Mom and I walked around oohhhing and ahhhhing the entire afternoon. Some of the vendors I loved: Luminous Leaf, Pam Sanders Art, Emmett's Glass rings.

D really likes this heron skull by Wildlife in Bronze. Forever in glass.

Am dying to have one of these mobiles by Spin Designs Online.

Any of these adorable chairs by Tuffet Lady, although I am sorry to say, her website does not show all of her wonderful offerings.

Jerry Hill by sconces, in native american designs. Would love to buy D one of these ... he would LOVE them.

Uli Kirchler, enameled animal jewelry and Craw Sister.

I have seen Liang Wei landscapes at Edmonds Art Festival and always love seeing his work. Maybe someday, I will own one.

My mouth dropped open and I squealed when I saw The Laughing Boy from Missoula creates the most wonderful fabric sculptures. I want the cowboy.

Dova silks, her site doesn't capture the beauty of her silk clothes! But I will own one of her blouses some day soon. Wonderful wooden bowls by Ham N eggs.

And last but not least, purchased some stacking rings from Karthia Studios ... (mom encouraging my little obsession with rings). She doesn't show the style I bought on her website, but they are wonderful and very affordable! I have been wanting something like these for some a long time. And now I have them on my finger ;)

My new rings


Amy said...

You know, everytime you put together one of these little links lists I end up drooling all over my keyboard. Great links, as usual!

kelly said...

dig the rings....