Sunday, August 05, 2007

Color Scheming

I finished my second color scheme on Saturday. 6 color schemes for 18 units. Working with the architect we finished the plans on Saturday morning. It feels so natural for me to do and I hope I can do more of them. Of course, when I took it on I felt confident, excited, full of ideas ... when I start applying color to the units, I think "What I am doing?, "How did I think I could ever do this?" ... But I love the colors and the combinations. I have been working up a little "color scheme chart" book, just for me, for fun. Haven't worked out all the kinks yet.

Color schemes

colors revised

The rest of my weekend should have been filled with cleaning or art, but being completely overwhelmed with choices "to do" list, instead, plopped down on my sofa and watched mindless TV. Napping through most of it. What can I say?


Scott W said...

Color consultant. That is so cool. Good luck!

Amy said...

Sometimes the brain just needs a break from the to-do list and napping amidst mindless tv is a good way to give it a break!

I love the color scheme book...anything house-y is my favorite :).

Kim Carney said...
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Kim Carney said...

Hey Scott, thanks ... I gave myself that title ;)

Amy ... are you getting a chance to do that yourself? ;)