Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Friends Find Me

Thank you ALL so very much for soothing me with kindness, emails and treasures during my little down moment. Pushing myself forward, have been cleaning after work this week. Pulling some morning glories from unwanted spots. Walking around a cool, cloudless night dreaming of what I should do in the backyard. I am trying out the new Miller beer with lime this week ... over ice with more lime and salt. The perfect summer night drink.

Judy sent me a present of this wonderful photo and this -- "Hang in there and keep enjoying art, it's the extra oxygen of life". Maridon, who told me "A sparkle by nature is a flickering light", reminds me to hold on and it will return ... sent me a wonderful link to Birdie Jaworksi and her beautiful piece on "Shattered".


Birdie said...

Dear Kim,

Thank you so kindly for linking to me. I'm glad you enjoyed my little story.

I'm going to have to try that Miller beer with lime! I live in New Mexico, and they serve a wedge of lime with all of the Mexican beers, yummy.

A big hug to you today, I'll be sure to drop in from time to time,

mbc said...

LOVE the new Miller Lite beer you're talking about! It's called "Chill", it's so good!

jill said...

Mmmmm... Michelada's are my favorite way to enjoy a beer. I haven't tried the "Pre-Made" kind, but do enjoy adding my own lime and salt to Tecate' Beer. Just the best!

In fact, I think I might try one tonight, it's been a while...

Wendee said...

Good. Hang in there.

Now see what you've done? We're all off to get some new-fangled beer ... (smirk). Cheers to you, Kim! [clink!]

Wendee said...
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