Friday, August 17, 2007

The Dirt

It is time for me to leave work and go home. I picked up a book being reviewed off the free table, started reading and searching. 40 minutes later ... I have not headed for my car. Shame on me! My favorite home computer is in for repair. M got a new pc (I never thought I would have a pc in my house). I am hoping having his own computer to play games, search out graffiti, creating graffiti online will allow my computer a little more room FOR ME and my work, thousands of unnamed photos, etc.

This is a wonderful application -- Native Plants Database found via the writer Amy Stewart's blog - Dirt. And oh, her long list of garden links!

Make some Sushi Bug Bites or a Tomato via The Rodale Institute via The Gardener's Notebook.

One flower is enough by by Rob Ryan reminds me of this (you know I punched many, many leaves and they stayed like that all summer, even gave one to my friend with the word "love" with a bouquet, and she gave it back to me a year later, pressed!) via Paper Forest.

The International Plant Propagators' Society. I should enter this photo contest.

Yellow Rose

I love the Antique Rose Emporium and the Rose Rustlers, blogged about them a couple of years ago. The idea of rose rustling makes me happy.


s'mee said...

um, yes, you should. Enter the contest. Please.

Wendee said...

Oh gosh. Beautiful. So very painterly (hm...). Yes, you should.

Nimbostratusdweller said...

you should, absolutely enter that contest Kimmy!