Thursday, August 30, 2007

One Crazy Day

Taking all of my complaining about car breaking down in the parking lot. ;)

Look at this wonderful seed pod!

alien seed pod

I found this white flower near the parking lot.

delicate white

Jared sent me a thank you gift. Thank you so much. I LOVE IT.

jared shear

Mom found this poor guy buggin' out, pointed out the wonderful colors.

buggin' out

Going to bed now. Very exhausted!


athena said...

sorry to hear about your day but it seems you always find something good about it too even when under stress. the white flowers are gorgeous!

btw, is that a new lens? (i'm looking at the detail of the fly in the bottom pic). :-)

mayseek life said...

kim, your amazing-i can be sure to get an "eyeful" and see something to peak my imagination when i stop by. thank you for sharing- even when life is stressful.