Monday, August 20, 2007

Busy Day

Tara, Mom and I did our 3rd annual "garage sale Saturday". Didn't find too many things worth noting here. And I was threatened by my husband not to bring any more junk into the garage that he has been cleaning for two weeks (trying to organizing me). Regardless of the lack of 'good finds', we had a great day of driving around, enjoying hamburgers and listening to "This American Life". Stopped by my favorite store in the city (image below)


Then off the a Mariner's Game, a company sponsored "get-together". (Grandmother alert). M drove us to and from the Mariner's game. In the rain and dark. ;0 He is a very good driver, despite his mother in the backseat squealing in a high-pitched voice to "slow down".


m and d

Then grocery shopping and ran to work on Sunday. The weekend flew by.


Anonymous said...

M and D both look like they are glad to be on firm ground again. That back seat driving is taking its toll.M take it from Grandma back seat driving never stops. I'm still good at it. Love ya

Mrs. Mom said...

Oh! I love it! Something about new drivers unites all parents.

My hubby and I made a deal... I won't bring anymore 2nd hand stuff into the house if he stays off freecycle. I have kept up my end of the bargain, but I still enjoy getting out and looking. It sounds like you had a good day!

Cyndi said...

I've passed an award for nice blogger on to you...