Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wide Angle

This was an amazing Wide Angle piece on "Back To School".

'In 2003, WIDE ANGLE profiled children in seven countries --Afghanistan, Benin, Brazil, India, Japan, Kenya and Romania -- as they started their first year of school, often despite great odds. Three years later, the series returned to visit each child, filming the first update on their progress in school. The children are endearing, and their contrasting lives provide rich insight into the disparities of opportunity around the globe with over 100 million children unable to attend even one day of school. This special includes interviews with prominent education specialists from the children's own countries, who lend their insights into the causes of and solutions to this global challenge.''

I made M watch with me. It was very powerful.


tejae said...

this story is so interesting. Each child is so uplifting, encouraging and courageous. I'm so thankful that you shared it. I'm going back to watch more.

Kim Carney said...

Hey Tejae! I actually wanted to donate to the girl whos dad had died and that is why I started searching this show. It was so touching (my son is astonished that usually cry through these shows). I was thinking I could send the girl from Benin something so her mom wouldn't be so strapped and she could stay in school! They were all such bright stars ;)