Monday, July 23, 2007

Whacky Weather

This is crazy! And in China, you must see the slide show. And Sudan. Texas.

Vital Signs of Global Warming.

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s'mee said...

I called my sis in Texas a few weeks ago to check up on her and the flood damage. She was high and dry, however her best friend, on vacation in Sweden, had no idea her home was completely under water.

Thor and I visited Portage Glacier in Alaska 7 years ago. The Capt. of the boat told us how he had grown up in the area and had measured the "melt and thaw" over the years. His opinion was that there was indeed a problem with warming as the glacier had receeded, doubling the size of the lake.

Some feel this is hype, others apathetic that there is nothing we can do, still others that feel this is cyclical, natural, or biblical and one cannot stay the hand of time or God.

Any of the above...we're still heating up. I choose to do what I can with my 1/2 acre of stewardship.