Saturday, July 28, 2007

Let's Face(book) It

Not only do we have to worry about falling down and breaking a hip when we get "old", we have to worry about being pushed down the stairs (by a college student).

Disturbing post on Ronni's As Time Goes By about age and race-related-hate-mongering over at facebook. Thankfully, I don't have time to visit that site ;) Parents think they are sending their kids to school for enlightenment, education. Maybe the parents deserve a refund.


Angela said...

Kim, I absolutely love your blog, your artwork, and your comments on life in general. So, I feel I should let you know that I've been using Facebook for several years. I like it much much better than mySpace. (only reason I got on mySpace was to find old friends to invite to the wedding, otherwise I would never have joined)

So, I was startled and a little sad that you would throw me (and those like me) into a group with the few silly minded, immature college kids that are using hyperbole to the extreme. I just want to assure you that all my friends and what I believe to be most of facebook users have better uses for their time than to sit around belittling our elders.

Kim Carney said...

Hey Angela! How are you?
I am so sorry, I guess I should have said "some" parents ... blah blah ... because I definitely don't think ALL college kids are behaving in that fashion. When you look at those groups, I think the largest number of members were 100. But I do think it is quite shocking that that would happen at all! I haven't even been on facebook so I have no knowledge of the site. Knowing you and your sister --- I would NEVER include you or any of the kids at work that I know use facebook. Actually, I was talking to David about it today and we were saying that the anon thing is weird ... that people can post things they would not normally say out loud, and hoping that it is just talking "smack". So I am sorry if it feels that my post is all inclusive of all college kids ;)
Hope all is well with you and yours. Tell everyone hello.