Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fashion Weak At The Knees

I have been taking a look at the runway previews of Fashion Spring Collection 2007, and I am feeling very upbeat about the direction of fashion colors and overall look. I love the copper, silver, gold, light grey and black color combinations from Chado Ralph Rucci. Then there is the Fall 2006 review -- Armani Prive, b Michael and Ghost collections being a couple of my favorites. More recent runway review at

Buttery goodness from Donna Karan.

Rich romantic classics of layered lusciousness from Ralph Lauren.

Marc Jacobs


huberama said...

Chado Ralph Rucci was a dream, an absolute dream! is one of my favourite "I'm just taking a wee break" at work websites.

Janet said...

Love the Donna Karan and the Ralph Lauren. I'm always drawn to flowing, drapey, soft looks. These are gorgeous.

phlegmfatale said...


The Linda said...

Love Love Love Fashion Weeks!!! I've been viewing collections and amd glad to see the 'easy fit' silhouette is coming around again.