Friday, July 28, 2006

A Very Belated Thank You

Catherine, an Idaho photographer and blogger sent me the most wonderful surprise in the mail the other day. She made these tiles using my photos. Still haven't had the time to ask her how she did this magic ;) Thank you so much!



~*Caitie*~ said...

What kind of camera did you take those photographs with?

Deb R said...

Wow, that's cooooool!!

Kim Carney said...

Hello Caitie -- I bought a canon rebel xt, am still learning how to use this one ... but it is alot of fun!

Joanne S said...

What a wonderul way to use your beautiful photos. and they are beautiful.

The Canon Rebel is used by "Superhero Journal" on her blog--you can get there via links in Wish Jar Journal. SH takes a flower photo every once in awhile but usually the subject is more urban, she lives in San Francisco area.

Kim Carney said...

Joanne -- I LOVE her site and photography, she is an inspiration!

mbc said...

These are wonderful! I'd love to know how she did that.

The Linda said...

Is it possible she printed on decal type paper and then applied it to the face of a tile?

Wonderful gift and idea.

kathy said...

Those are REALLY cool.

Mariana said...

Hi, Kim! I know you love animals, as I do. I've just created a web campaign against abandoning animals. If you think it's something you'd be interested in particpating in, this is the link:

cda said...

Hi, Catherine here. I made those tiles at Everyone should try one of their images on a tile at cafepress - it is so satisfying because the colors are so accurate and saturated. I made tiles from a hand tinted vintage image and gave them to my nieces for xmas. The colors were beautiful.

You could add the tiles to a backsplash in the kitchen or break them up and make a mosaic tabletop. Works best, really, for very colorful images.

I've made a few tile boxes at cafepress also. They look good. It is really fun to have a "product" with your own photography on it.

Anyone know of other places to make quality products with photos? The tiles at cafepress are the only products I've tried so far that look "classy". I've made tote bags and mousepads and things like that that look pretty crappy.

There's a place called where you can put an image on products. But I think you have to order in bulk. Wouldn't it be fun though to put your image on a product and pass it out as advertising or as a calling card?

Anyone have any questions about how to make them just drop me an email.

Kim, I love your blog, it's outstanding. Loved the new spools image. Love all of it really. Makes my day.

Catherine in Sandpoint