Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rock Star Son

My son has had some things come very easy to him. When he decided he wanted to be an aggressive skater, he threw himself into it (with the help of his parents) and he skated every free moment he had. He had passion for it and we supported that passion. He won competitions. He accomplished amazing feats on skates. He was poetry on wheels. Elegant but powerful, daring, loving his sport. He was very young. We invested in a skatepark. But years later he realized he could really get hurt on some of those daring tricks he had to do to win more competitions and he bowed out of the skating scene.

He choose to play the trombone as an instrument in his elementary school band. I later heard the band teacher talked many of them into playing that instrument because "trombonists" were hard to come by. He took lessons, he played, he like it then, he excelled, he got bored and he hates it now. But he is very, very good. Has been in all the first bands, he wins best jazz soloist everytime he goes to competition. This without practicing too much (and when he does it is with an argument attached.) I tell him if he wasn't so talented it wouldn't be so hard for me to allow him to just quit.

He has played baseball since he was just a little guy. This year he has excelled in the sport. Whether he is pitcher, catcher or third baseman, he attacks them all with fevor. Always the serious kid when he wants to tackle something HE is interested in. Okay, we won't talk about reading a book.

I am totally in awe of his atheltic abilities, since I explored none of mine as a child. He seems fearless while facing pressure on the mound pitching. While most of us would wilt he appears to flourish. When he makes mistakes, he pulls himself together and presses on. An admirable quality. I watch him out there and wonder where that grace and confidence come from. In my eyes, he is a rock star.

We all want our kids to carry this sense of accomplishment with them throughout their lives. And it is wonderful to watch my son grow, find his confidence, reach for his stars.


Deb R said...

What a cool tribute to your rock star son.

Janet said...

Beautifully said! Or I guess in this case it should be handsomly said!

tricia said...

Wow, what an accomplished guy.....I think he might take after his Mom a bit. I love the pics of him that you posted.

Amy said...

Kim, I love when you post about your son. I makes me even more excited to see what my boys will choose to do as they grow from the little guys they are now into the young men they will become.

As for the grace and confidence your son demonstrates - he has involved, supportive parents; he learned it from them!

phlegmfatale said...

Matt is such a stellar guy. I'm glad he got to explore the excitement of skating, but that he got his fill before getting injured. I knew a pro motocross racer who said "the minute you realize you are in danger of being hurt at all times is the minute you need to quit." Good advice. With such a great support system, there's going to be something brilliant that will be his abiding passion to which he'll devote his life. You, David and Dianne have given him a kind of security that few people truly experience in life, and in that, I think he can be fearless and make clear, right-minded choices. Bless you all!