Friday, July 21, 2006

Dog Nazi -- Who Knew?

When I mentioned this email exchange to a co-worker who has adopted several Golden Retrievers from a rescue, he said "Oh, a Dog Nazi". I have never heard of such but I was astounded with an email I received back from an inquiry about adopting a puppy.

A little amused (or maybe confused) I related the email to my husband, who blew his stack. He said, of all people to get that email, not my wife who carries her Cocker down the stairs and up again to go to the potty when he is feeling a little weak. Not my wife who spent $6,000 to save her Cocker Spaniel's legs and back. My wife who lifts her dogs up and on to the beds every night, and who can't go into another room with her "baby" dog with her. Who has a chihuahua who 'spoons' her in bed. He laughed and said, I really don't understand people. But at least now I know there are "Dog Nazi's" out there.

I am totally interested in (Blank). I have a fenced backyard, my mom is home all day with our pets. I have one small feisty 7 yr old Chihuahua and a 10 year old cocker, with lots of medical problems, hips, legs, eyes and back. He does not move too much, but is my “baby” dog. I have a 14 year old and he is very gentle and caring with our dogs.

If you are adopting the dog, YOU need to be the one who does the training of the puppy and you are gone all day to work. I don't know if your Mom wants another dog to have to work with.

I am not comfortable with people adopting pups and having someone else raise them all day.

Sorry I couldn't help you,

Name goes here

(my first email response)
I understand your concerns. And I do train my own dogs, thank you. I was just mentioning that my mom lives with me to tell you that I have someone that is home all day and the pets are not alone during the day.

I am with my animals when I am not at work.

Thank you for answering my email

(and after thinking about why I had been denied, my second response)

I am not sure this makes a difference, but I am a 50 year old woman, my mom lives with me and my husband and son. I started thinking when I said “my mom lives with me”, that you might think I was younger ;)


(final response)
I am sorry but I need to stick with my original decision.
name goes here


shash said...

insanity! sounds like one stubborn nitwit. i'm sure any dog that lives with you is blessed!

chronicler said...

And you know what? I could probably send her an email and sya I was interested in a puppy and get one. And I don't even like dogs.

This goes into my "people never cease to amaze me" column. Dog nazi my a**. She's crazy for not allowing you the opportunity to welcome another canine into your view of heaven!(from the dogs point of view of course)

Karan said...

Yes...and they are crazy CRAZY. They assume the most negative thing possible about anyone who wants an animal and go for the throat when their own hackles get up. It sounds like you went through a breed specific rescue organization. Leave your name and breed preference in the local animal shelters and your vet so you won't be grilled when you want to adopt...just asked reasonable questions in a reasonable way. Good luck.

Amy said...

Well, hopefully the puppies will be lucky enough to find homes as nice as yours. It's too bad people can be so dim sometimes!

Charlotte said...

so only people that are home 24/7 are allowed to have dogs? all others are horrible dog nazis? oh my.. I would be the type to write a letter to the director of said organization. but that's just me. :)

I've never met you in person but know from our contact that you are a very kind and loving person, a dog or any animal or person would be so lucky to have you :)

Deb R said...

What a freakin' idiot! (I mean the other woman, of course, not you, Kim!)

You could always have your mom email her and say SHE wants to adopt the dog. :-)

Janet said...

Some people just like to be "in control" of something. I bet this person has very little control over anything else. Don't let them spoil your day. I'm just sorry for the puppy who won't be finding a home with you.

phlegmfatale said...

Well, I guess it fits that she's a dog breeder, because she certainly fits the bill of "bitch." Having known you almost 20(AMAZING) years, and considering you were nurturing of me - a kid not that much younger than you - I don't think I've ever encountered a more natural mother in my life - people feel instinctively protected and cared for by you. This woman probably had such bizarre issues that she may already have imprinted some kookiness on the poor mutt anyway. I'm sorry for the dog that it missed the privilege of living in such a loving and welcoming household - no breeder could ask for more!

debi said...

Having adopted 3 dogs in the past 5 years, I can tell you that generally "breed specific rescues" are ODD folks indeed. They aren't so much "dog" people as "breed" people and are quirky beyond belief. I gave up trying to adopt from a breed rescue and went straight to and found my wonderful white german shepherd.

Katie said...

Kim...all I can say, is knowing you, your family and seeing the royal treatment that Pica and Scooter get, I hope if reincarnation exists that I can come back to earth as one of your poochie-mutts! That woman is nutso.

Joanne S said...

A friend adopted from a rescue group. She had to fill out a 4 page application, have references, and be interviewed. Then when she was approved the dog was "relay driven" from somewhere to Maine. Twelve drivers drove one hour each so they could "participate".

This dog was like 20 minutes away from the "end" in a kill shelter. Great dog. Worth the extreme effort.

Try some other rescue site.

Liquid Sky Arts said...

Oh, I've been there too... Actually the same lady who denied me of a springer puppy, was the same one who later gave me my older dog Jerry after an accidental call on my part. Strange the way things worked out... but I'm so glad he was the one who came home. :)

Kim Carney said...

thanks everyone. I know there is the perfect rescue dog for me out there ... I might have found another cocker, she is older ... ???

Pam said...

wow! I'm sorry you didn't get the dog - I don't understand people either. Not even a phone call, just a decision based on one email and a couple of sentences. Blech.

doow said...

Here via Flickr, cos I wanted to read the story behind your work pics, but this story caught my eye. What a crazy loon that person is! Good luck with finding your next dog :-)

paula said...

I'm with everyone else. Pfft! to the idiot who made you feel bad! I do love the image of you and Pica spooning!

Ruth said...

Good heavens, I know they are crazies out there but this one is scary. Maybe the dog will escape.

Jen said...

I cannot express the comfort that googling "dog nazi" has brought me this evening....although many of these articles are from a few years ago, I am relieved to learn that I am not the only one that has been subjected to this ridicule!
I am a similarily responsible pet owner with an excellent track record, who has recently endured the 3rd degree along with aggressive rejections in my search to adopt!
Thanks a million for the pick-me-up!