Sunday, July 23, 2006

Beautiful Sunday - 07.23

Honestly, I don't know if I can have beautiful thoughts in 90 degree weather. I am melting ... along with the rest of the country. I am watering my parched hydrangeas at this moment. Three are really gone. I told D that I would just let them go this summer if the unusually hot weather was here to stay, but he tells me by Monday it is suppose to be back in the 70's. D has offered to go get my a little baby pool that Scooter and I can lounge in today.

On the other hand, the honeysuckle and petunias are in little flower heaven. More Beautiful Sunday on Flickr.

Maybe on a hot day it is better to pull the fan close to the computer monitor and look at beautiful little butterflies here and here. Or maybe swimming pools. Scooter and I will be doing this later.

Beautiful Sunday -- 07.23


tararossstudios said...

We'll join you in the kiddie pool!

Janet said...

I threatened to get out the pool we keep for the grandkids! But it was just too hot to get out there to fill it up! I stayed inside in the cool air.

Gorgeous flower photo. The color is so vibrant.

Meltem Sozer said...

Beautiful photo as always.
It was way hotter than normal up here in Michigan too but now we are back to normal. I hope your flowers survive for a few more days.

The Linda said...

Maybe you need to post some pictures of snowflakes - mind over matter, you know.

I am not a heat seeking missle. Ugh.