Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Annual Saturday Garage Sale Trek

I am scheduled to work every Saturday of the year. When I ended up trading a Monday for a Saturday, Tara and I had our annual "garage sale Saturday". With money in our pockets, scary 'no-fuss' hair sans makeup, we loaded up and headed out. Meandering streets looking for signs of a sale, finding teasures, visiting and talking "teenage boys", lots of coffee, lunch, art ideas. I found a Kodak Pony camera looked to have never been used for $3, T.V. pal Uke for $3, lots of bits and bobbin 25 cent sacks of treasures for asslemblage and ringas, nest, tins, a not-such-a-find family photo album full of photos.

Kodak Pony

blocks of color

T.V. pal Uke

Garage sale treasures

This year did not summit in as many 'finds' as last year so we found ourselves at The Weaving Works looking at ribbon and yarn, I bought more wool roving.


The Weaving Works

Who's got the button?

Silk in my hand

Then racing to the Edmonds Market. At the market I discovered a delightful woman (Lady Garnish -- festive garb and gems) from Everett selling fantastic felted necklaces. Meet a few new four-legged friends.

Edmonds market

Edmonds market

Lady Garnish necklace

Then plopped ourselves down in front of a small fire, plate of cheese and crackers, large glass(es) of red wine to look over our purchases of the day. Sorry for all the photos, but it was a visual kind of day ;)

candle lit night


Cassi said...

Sounds like a *perfect* day! That camera is gorgeous, what a great find - as is everything :)

la vie en rose said...

fun day! great finds! awesome pics!

paula said...

Oh! Oh! My favorite thing to do in life (pretty much, yeah)! Curious what you meant when you said, "teenage boys". Talking about your own kids or ogling them? (Hee!) Also, the photo album looks like a find. Since I'm into genealogy, I find it alarming when I see family photos--especially the older ones--at garage sales. Thanks for sharing, Kim! Wish I could have gone with y'all!

Sarah said...

fab finds and lovely pics!!

Kim Carney said...

Yes it was a great day. Paula, ;)))) only our teenage boys, and how they are driving us crazy ... I think we are both too old and tired to think of anything younger to occupy our thoughts ;)))) I am so in agreement with you about the albums, I have a BIG issue with that ...
Thanks Sarah, Hey, I miss you Cassi, hope your summer is going well. Michelle, I have something coming your way ;)

s'mee said...

Sounds lieka really great day! Love the button shot.

tararossstudios said...

These photos came out great as always. The camera photo is steller, you should sell that one!