Monday, June 19, 2006


The chickadee chicks are dead, I am sure of it. I sat here at my computer all spring and watched them build their nest, clean it out, move things in. I heard the chicks in there several times. Then a two days ago I saw a squirrel trying to chew the entrance larger. I was stunned. I ran it off and warned everyone to keep an eye out for that evil squirrel. Today I checked, the entry hole is larger and the nest is quiet. The parents either abandoned the nest because of the invading varmint or he/she was able to stick a head in there. I did not know that a squirrel would eat baby chicks. And I am sick to my stomach. That squirrel in now my enemy. Watch out Squirrel! my Pica will be after you on command, my enemies are Pica's enemies. How do you think I keep the feral cats out of my yard? I will take the house down as soon as I know the chicks are dead for certain and burn it.

My Scooter is requiring constant attention for his groomer malfunction. I must clean his wounds constantly, cover them so he will not be able to scratch it. Will have to take him to the vet tomorrow.


Linda said...

Poor Scooter... I didn't realize he had wounds(!) from that evil groomer??!! Yikes. Give Scooter an extra hug from me.

phlegmfatale said...

Go, Pica! Squirrell brains are a delicacy! Faster, Pica, Kill! Kill! Kill the evil rodent!

Awwww, poor Scootie - I knew the groomer butchered his coat, but I didn't realized his poor old hide was savaged as well? Here's to a fast healing to the poor little sweetie.