Friday, June 16, 2006

Red Friday

I know I will not have time in the morning to shoot something new, so I have scanned my archives for something appropriate for Red Friday in the Color Week. My most beloved ram horns wrapped in red berries.

Red Friday

Red (love) in an envelope.

Red (Love) Friday

A field full of red tulips can make you giddy.

Red Friday


Dawn said...

I had to take a breath when I saw the tulips!!! Gorgeous photo!!
Thank you for your warm wishes. It was so sweet of you to take the time to comment.

abby said...

stunning pics-the tulips are amazing. hope you have a good weekend-abby

Syd said...

Wonderful Tulips, are those from the Mt. Veron area?

Momma Pajama said...

Howdy! We went to see the tulips this year, too (after a 3 year hiatus to let the boys recover from the last BOORRRINNGGG trip up there.) I love Roozengarde!

I took some OK flower shots for color week, but I think a decent camera will be on my list for Santa... I enjoy your close-ups especially!

Isn't "Dance" a yummy topic to mull over this weekend?

chronicler said...

Now there's that splash of red!

Nan said...

The ram horns are really beautiful draped with the winter berries. And the tulip field...a familiar sight. Very nice!

blair said...

all those beautiful reds. I love those red tulips!

jessica said...

one of my favorite flowers, Tulip. Beautiful shot.