Thursday, June 29, 2006

Making My Mess and Creating In It

Open studio for Inspire Me Thursday, show a creation and where it was created. This is a new piece I started and have not finished, Buddha of the Sea. I really love this one. Sometimes I go too far and I really am trying not to do that with this one.

Now for the studio, which has been a bloody mess since I took up assemblages and shrines. Tara and I were talking about all of the little bits of stuff one collects to make these that literally take up your living space. I have a problem with making a mess in my art work. I love to make messes, I love to clean them up. But with my present work load, there is more making mess, than cleaning and my family gets a little frustrated with me because of it. My husband also built this area in the garage and before the last screw was installed into the door, I had the whole thing covered up with JUNK. On Sunday, I stopped to clean, reorg, put things away, sweep up wood chips and sanding mess. I wish I could get over the guilt I always feel about making a mess...I would probably make more art, I even went to a therapist one time to deal with my little making a mess/not making a mess dilemma.

Buddha of the Sea

Buddha of the Sea

I cleaned the garage area, then cut all the framing at once for about 10 boxes. All ready to be glued and hammer together.


garage studio

Turn away if you get queazy at the sight of real disorganized, filthy mess. The other studio spaces I see look so neat and organized. I am piling crap upon crap. My studio has seen cleaner days.

One big mess


Visual-Voice said...

I'm not far behind you. I live in a pretty small apartment, (I use this as my excuse) and there just isn't enough storage space... although this does have a benefit... I consume less, since there isn't a place to put things I might buy otherwise.


Jan said...

Messy studio = fertile, alive!
Neat studio = stagnant, dead.
Just my opinion.

chronicler said...

Is this a challenge for all of us to post a pic of their current "room"? Mine is a rival of yours. Maybe I should go snap a shot and see what you see in yours.

Janet said...

Oh, how I can relate to the make mess/clean up dilemma. But out of that mess you have a gorgeous piece. Buddha of the Sea is great. I love the way he's sitting atop those shells with the shell crown/hat. The name is perfect.

chronicler said...

Okay, I posted mine at

Take a look, mine's worse than yours!

kelly said...

wow...this looks eerily familiar!
do you ever sleep? i love all the stuff you are doing.

Kim Carney said...

evisual-voice, yes, I found that when I lived in an apartment I did buy less junk, but I still bought it!

chronicler, I LOVE you space, it looks famaliar with the sweet of of to-do piles

Jan, I agree (would you write a note to my mom ;)

Janet, I found a bag of sea urchin shells for a dollar, and felt like I had gone to heaven

Kelly, I do fall on the sofa every now and then ;)

The Linda (LOL) said...

I feel like these images should be framed out with a keyhole image. Getting a 'peek' at where the master works... LOL

carla said...

Wow! I'm impressed by all the cool stuff you have! Your shrine looks so beautiful...I can totally understand how making such pieces also entails making a mess. Your studio is certainly evidence of your constant creativity:>

Jan said...

I'd be happy to write a note to your Mom if you'll write one to mine.
(Do we ever get rid of that little voice, real or imagined?)

liz elayne said...

oh the buddha of the sea is my favorite so far! i squealed with delight when i saw him. LOVE IT! (squeal - in a good way...not in a pig-like way...)

and another glimpse into your studio makes my quite happy as well.

kdj said...

Fantastic Buddha ... ah, makes me think fondly of Artfest ... also inspires to do some more work in my garage :)

phlegmfatale said...

You call THAT a mess? PAH! Amateur!

*LOL* I loved this post. It's funny to think of the mess that turns out such beautiful product, but that is the way of it - it was ever thus.
Think of it this way - a needlepoint or embroider can be an absolute inspiration, but the reverse side is frequently a tremendous mess, and we have to forgive it for the tangle that wrought such a lovely exterior. A great metaphor for life, that is.

Ruth said...

Need I say I love the Buddah on the sea shells. Where does all this come from? You are like the universe, infinite in your ideas.

Nimbostratusdweller said... that "your" garage Kim Carney?
Well, you musta been buzy!
I love your shell Buddha shrine, that is beautiful!
You have a Venus all wrapped up with Buddha there!

I want one!!!!
I better get over to see them before they are all sold to major art collectors!