Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesday 05.30

The last week of introductions for Self-Portrait Challenge. I feel like I meet myself coming and going every day. I remember leaving the house, coming home, leaving the house, coming home. And I think "Life must be more than this". Today I had doublebooked myself, dental and counseling, a great combo, me with deadened lip, a little drool down the chin (maybe he will up my dose ;)

I was in four accidents and walked away. The first was when I was a little girl of 3 or 4, the first day of swimming. I was too impatient, jumped in the water forgetting my life jacket. I remember being calm, seeing the edge of the pool, the bubbles, tryng to reach the step. I don't know how long I was there, not long I am sure. And them my mom's hand reached in and pulled me out.

The second was when we first moved to Malta. My parents were in Italy on holiday. I was walking home from school and forgetting to look the wrong way for oncoming traffic (they drive on the other side of the road) was hit by a bus. I wet myself, and lots of people were standing around. I was not far from my house. The next thing I was in bed, the doctor being there. Then out of the blue, my parents. My mom said she decided to come home early.

The third again in Malta around age 12, got caught in a terrible undercurrent with my friend Carla while swimming at Ramala Bay. Remember gasping for air and seeing blue sky, then being sucked under again before I could get a breath of air and just seeing churning bubbles. I remember thinking this was the end for me. We were swept onto jagged rocks, we could see our parents at the other end of the beach, just realizing we were gone, out of sight. My mom, who can't swim, running out in the surf. I thought we were very lucky that day.

The fourth was a car accident with a young boyfriend driving. I must have been 16. He had a cobra? or some fast car at the time and was driving too fast down one of those treacherous country roads. We were heading towards a T in the road and I kept telling him to slow down but he did not listen. We were rollling and rolling over, coming to a stop on the top of the car in the middle of a field. Someone there with a hand pulling me out. I had on a mid-drift and slivers of glass were embedded in my stomach. But that was all. We were alive. My parents were in New Orleans on some trip.

I have thought of those times I was sparred from harm or death thinking there must be a purpose for my life.

Food has always been a huge part of our lives. My mom being a great cook. Every meal to be savored. I don't like to go to restaurants because I am always disappointed. I can remember the date, the place of the couple of meals that I consider outstanding. We are spoiled and nutured at our house with mom's wonderful food.



Elaine said...

I love the way you do this with your pictures. And your interesting stories. You reminded me of my near drowning experience, but I can't remember any others. You seem to have lived many lives and are so lucky to have your Mom living with you.

Suburban Princess said...


Not once, twice or three times, but four?

Are you afraid of dying now that you've been so close? Are you calm in dangerous situations?

They are fabulous pictures, too

Rachel said...

Your kitchen is amazing. I bet you would be hard pressed to turn out a bad meal in there. I really love the top photo today.

phlegmfatale said...

I'm so glad you escaped serious harm in all those accidents. The kitchen looks amazing - I can't wait to be there again!

tricia said...

You have such an interesting life! growing up in Malta?! I enjoy your Mom's food blog....whisper in her ear that I'm ready for another recipe :)

Cin said...

no wonder you hold each other dear, you came too close too many times!

My Mom and grandmother too, the best cooks, yum those happy memories :)

Linda said...

Very Enjoyable! Not the fact that you came close to dying, but that you are around to reflect on it. A reminder for me to hold each day dear.

Thanks for sharing.

Deb R said...

Dayum, you always come up with the coolest things for your self-portraits! Love it!

The accident stories were scary. So glad you walked away from them all.

Your kitchen is lovely!

LeS said...

Another great spc from you!

I, too, was hit by a car (at the age of five) and have believed ever since that the little me died and the me that I am now came in to live this life. Someone up there decided they needed a tougher model for this journey :)

Kristen said...

Such incredible stories...I got goosebumps.

Thanks for sharing the "double-booked" incident. You're certainly not alone in that arena! : )

mayseek life said...

just when i tell myself enough of blog checking....i come across your piece and the phrase "that's what i'm talking about!"(which i have no idea why i keep hearing this-i know my kids say it)comes to mind. it's getting the feeling of connection and enjoying the creativity. love the energy.

Kim Carney said...

Thank you all! Elaine, it seems so hard to think of something to write that is interesting! I feel so lucky to have my mom her.

suburban princess, I do think I stay calm in dangerous situations...but wish I could realize what my BIGGER PURPOSE is meant to be? And hope that I am not just over looking it because I am too busy to see my life.

rachel: thank you about my kitchen, We remodeled it a couple of years ago and I am so happy with it. Of course all the door paint is all ready knicked and I need to repaint (ALL READY)

Rita, I love you, when are you coming to visit, ah, well, I guess I need to visit you first ;)

tricia: I am telling mom to update! (I tell her once a week about that). My life seems like a muddle sometimes, but it was fun. (especially Malta)

Thanks Cin, We do and I am glad we have each now, it seems to be the most important time to be close.

Thank you Linda and debr...that is the challenge, no more photos of my eyes and top of my head to avoid the double chin ;) I just said yesterday, I feel like I am meeting myself ... and thought I might be able to pull that one off. I think about something I can do all week, ususally with no results, except the eye/top of the head ')

Les, that is a great way to look at it. I can think of that day and think, that could have been so much worse, what happened? Why me? Why not me? It is weired isn't it. Although one night when my black cocker was a puppy, he ran out the front door. I had just said to my son, gosh, Scooter is outside, when I heard the screeching of tires, went bounding down 6 stairs in one jump. I was terrified that I would be a big, bloody mess, more than that, I was afraid my son would see it! There lie Scooter, just still. I knew he was dead, then he moved. I told my son to run get a big towel and my keys, and off we went to emergency. Somehow, he was spared. I could not apologize the driver enough, she felt so terrible, but it was my fault. A black puppy lose at night.

Thank you so much mayseek life, such a wonderful commentary for my post. I feel energetic NOW with your kind words.

s'mee said...

I love the self portrait this week, way cool!

Terrific kitchen, wow am I envious right now...and with a built in "real cook" mom!

And then about these accidents. I was very into the whole "I was in Italy, then Malta, then ...." and when I got to the part about your boy friend having a cobra my mind went to the snake, not the car. LOL Man! I was confused there for a second.

As for the why are you here? My guess is for the same reason one of our best President's mom was here; your son.

"The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world."-Abe Lincoln

liz elayne said...

first - the picture. how clever you are my dear...how clever.

second - four times. FOUR??? before the age of 20. wow! glad to know you my dear. very glad.

third - when are we getting together? when????