Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Ring Two

Clear glass ring from Orange Button via Hoping for Happy Accidents.

Okay, I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with this idea and I think I might have to have one. Microbraille and Braille rings from C. Roule Designs via The Carrot Box.

The one who dies with the most big chunky silver bands wins!

Would love to have anything from Aurora Lopez-Mejia. Dewa Sutapa's Ebony ring - 'Strength. Zayd Makarim, the moon is made of Swiss cheese and so is his ring.

Beautiful creations made of wood. And pencils! from Miyuki Tokunaga collection via Cult Collection. Wedding bands from spruce and dark cherry wood. And this one and this one in the Overstock sale ;)


phlegmfatale said...

Well, thanks a LOT Missy! Every time I drive up the Dallas North Tollway, I see a billboard with sumptuous goodies from Ylang Ylang. I have thus far resisted going to their website. Until today, when YOU sent me there, and I HAD to fall in love with a $57,000 bracelet. Now my torment in life is complete. Angst! *L* Gawd, why am I not independently wealthy? IT's just so wrong!

s'mee said...

OOOh so many goodies!!! The wood ring reminded me of on of my most prized posessions... my gramma's wood bracelet, hand made for her by grampa. Perhaps I will blog about it soon...hmmm