Wednesday, February 08, 2012

My mom

With mom down in the back ... so to speak, I have had to step up for grocery shopping, bed-making, laundry, some cooking ... oh, Lord. I am exhausted! She sent me to the store with a handful of coupons ... that pretty much did me in for the day. Running from one aisle to another to chase down the next coupon item. 

Plainly, I am not cut out for that. I came home and told mom, I should give her a raise. But she manages to look stunning, even when she is cooking lunch. ;) On the menu today, grits and cheese. Served with a side of turquoise! Hello Brother!


s'mee said...

talk about aging with style, your mom could be a cover girl.

Kim Carney said...

She could!!! ;) I never understood how she could cook all dressed u and not get dirty? That is something I have not mastered.