Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bitching, moaning, dreaming, wishing

Blustery gusts of wind started around 3am ... blowing the french doors almost open. Cold air seeping in the seams. Air vents clunking and shutting making strange noises. And yet, leaves on the Sweet Gum tree still hang on with tenacity?

I don't mind saying I am feeling a little overwhelmed these days. I spent yesterday morning taking mom to a doctor's appointment, grocery store errands, getting gas and the rest of the day learning how to run the Arts of Snohomish gallery on my own, which I will be doing 2 days a month beginning in March. We all agreed it is a perfect opportunity to shower, dress, add some make-up. Talk to people, remember how to be social! A reason to leave the house, it is a good thing, right? Mom and D and seem excited to see me dress for some occasion.

Need to finish up art to hang at the end of the month. And have lots of freelance to finish by Sunday, plus a logo I am struggling with. I am sad that I don't have time to blog as much as before. Finding great artist and such takes time that I don't have now. I do run across cool things via Pinterest when someone starts following me/and me them. Honestly, I think Pinterest probably contains every image on the internet now. Surprise the weight of it doesn't create a huge bulge in the Ethernet. And yes, I am partly to blame. 

I love this Collapse bag designed by Ferry Meewisse. I found it via this incredible Pinterest(er) (is that a word?) Theresa L and this pin (POLYGON SERIES HEXAGON CANVAS: made from one piece of fabric and, oh yeah, it folds into a hexagon). More incredible bags from frrry. 

And back to folded objects, I love these images by Niall McClelland.  

Desserts for Breakfast, sounds like a good idea. Julienne pickles with ginger & anise, I want to make this and keep in the refrigerator to eat on everything! 

I found the March Country Living that D had brought home last night. I really haven't read a magazine cover to cover (we subscribe to National Geographic, Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone and Southern Living now) in quite awhile. I haven't purchased a magazine off the shelf in over a year. I miss my fave, Saveur, of course, Martha Stewart Living. But I can't justify buying current issues when I don't even read the ones that are delivered to my door! I guess the point of this is ... it was good to thumb through the Country Living ... which was mainly full on Etsy store items, a piece on Spoonflower. 

I really want to get something on canvas

Okay, enough angsting, bitching, moaning, dreaming, wishing ... back to work!

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