Friday, February 10, 2012

The end of a busy week

Today I was getting the "driving-across-country" bug again. Seattle to Texas perhaps? Stopping off at Death Valley to see (watch?) the Sliding Rocks and maybe even see Badwater Basin

My step-brother called later in the day from San Diego. He is thinking about moving back to Texas and I was wishing I could drive to California, pick him up with his belongings and head on to Texas in May. We giggled about how much fun that would be. I hope I can make that happen! It is fun to have a plan/dream of a real road trip!

Today is Bri's birthday! Happy Birthday! We are going to have a Birthday Brunch on Sunday. I have so much work to get through this weekend. Making my list. I am excited for all the work to do.

Rick and I decided we are going to have a virtual "meet-up" cocktail party for BYOB members via Google + conference video chat. During our own happy hour tonight, we discussed the details (via Goggle hang out)! I LOVE the idea. What fun! The internet gets more scary and more fun at the same time!

Hey, I heard Barbara Walters said today she thought The Bachelor was a stupid television show! My husband and I have only watched seconds of that show ... and can't allow ourselves to watch more. I totally agree with her. Every time I think about that show, I ask myself, what was Rome doing when it fell? David says just the premise of that show makes him want to to penicillin shot. I agree!

So, that is my rant for tonight. Have a great weekend.

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