Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jessica Pezalla

"Jessica Pezalla's sculptures have a curious, neritic elegance, like souvenirs from a Jules Verne expedition or a particularly fruitful day of beachcombing. But Pezalla's structures swarm and cast shadows, and the humble materials from which they are constructed lend a roughness suggesting an origin darker than the sea: Driftings resemble coral or driftwood, but may very well be bits of bone." - Isaac Amala, SF Flavorpill 

Her Pinterest is a visual treat! Jessica's blog

I love the totem made of  wool, wood, feathers and fur.

Feathers sculptures made of wood, papier-mâché, feathers.

And of course, this Green Banner ... is just lovely!

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kim said...

Well, OK, I had to look it up but now I know what neritic means. Not that I will ever use it.

But I could if I wanted to. ;-)