Sunday, February 19, 2012

Husband extraordinaire

I don't often talk about my very talented my husband - let him get his own blog ;). No, just kidding. He is the technical illustrator, where I am a hacked who throws things together. He is more of a perfectionist. An airbrush-artist-extraordinaire,  great designer, illustrator and art director. He really is my best art director, always guiding me the right direction. When I go overboard, he pulls my art and art-thoughts back into the dignified arena. (He also edits all my writing before he lets it go public ... well, except for my blog ... can't you tell?) I love his latest illustration for Tax Strategies


meggiecat said...

I would bet that the doll materials were already in the house. This piece has great eye travel. Had to study the doll, then check out all the paper, ending on the red pin lower left. That red pin really did it for me.

Kitchen-Dreams said...


Maxinetoo said...

So cool. You are one talented family!