Friday, January 06, 2012

What was Rome doing ...

I hate to even blog about this because it is just perpetuating the ridiculousness of it all ... but yesterday (my mom watches these shows, not me) ... Dr. Phil (I use to enjoy Dr. Phil in the past) had on some really stupid sounding women from 'Mob Wives', Ellen had some really stupid girls from The 'Jersey Shore' show. Listening to all the news about that Casey girl releasing her video, over and over and over again on the news ... I have really had enough. I am really close to canceling cable ... I don't even turn around from my computer to see what these people look like. I don't care. I don't want to hear them interviewed. I don't care what/or why they do the silly things they do in their lives. And I can't imagine that anyone else does either.


Shelley Noble said...

Been off cable for eight happy years. I highly recommend it.

It is bliss not to have to see or hear about what the society at large is interested in.

It isn't for everyone though. Not being in sync with society at large can make one feel insane at first, like a free fall.

However, I relish being unplugged now.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Peruby said...

Dropped my cable two months ago. Not missing it so far. I do watch a few episodes of 'select' shows on line. No commercials (or advertisements for all those other crappy shows).