Sunday, January 08, 2012

After .... ;)

I wish I had documented the "before". Boxes of summer clothes, piles of clean clothes (that dogs have been sleeping on), dirty clothes, things to be mended, suitcases, Christmas stuff ... this room was a mess. After talking to Maggy this morning ... I decided to pick ONE room and stick with it. Don't think about the other rooms. Not the Christmas that needs to be put away. Only this one room, task at hand! It feels great to have one small success in the massive effort to get my house right. And I am going to show off my success.



Really serious now about cleaning out and getting rid of ... decided I am going to start a virtual garage sale. I will be listing things on Something To Sell ... This is a McCarty Bros. 1943 ceramic planter. I am going to sell it for $11.00 (plus shipping). Interested?

And this 3-inch tall vase/pitcher. Champions of Champions 1966. $5.00 (plus shipping ... it is small, non-breakable, it won't cost very much)? Make me an offer.

I also went through a load of beach glass that needs more churning ... I am taking it back to the beach for someone else to find. ;)


s'mee said...

I can't get over those windows. Great job on the room. : )

On an odd side note, my m-i-l has that exact chest at the foot of a bed at her house. Love the pattern in it.

Kim Carney said...

That is sooo funny about chest! Yes, that view of the sound is pretty awesome! They combined two rooms long before we moved in. It is a great bedroom ... especially, when it is clean ;) xoxo

Kate I said...

What a beautiful room! It looks so peaceful and inviting...and is that the ocean I see from the window?? I like the idea of just concentrating on one room...not nearly as overwhelming that way. I conquered the disaster of my walk-in closet on New Years Day - a great way to start the year!

Maggy said...

Ta da!! :- )

Wonderful, *tidy* room, Kim! And that view is to die for! (I'm jealous!)



Kim Carney said...

yeah! as Kathy says, one drawer at a time ;)

Kitchen-Dreams said...

what a wonderful accomplishment! now you have a quiet get-away place right inside your own home! happy new year.

smazoochie said...

Such a pretty room, hard to believe it was a mess. Congrats on this first of many successes!
Ooo, did you love Rules of Civility?
What a great idea, an e-garage sale.