Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Temple in the rocks

Yesterday we ventured over to Sedona via Jerome. Jerome is this old mining town hanging on the side of a mountain side. Completely quirky, with towns people you would expect to live on the edge of nowhere. Artsy and independent. On the back of their T-shirts says, "everyone is high in Jerome."

Skulls at a fun restaurant.

Before Jerome, we passed through Enchanted Canyon Development outside of Prescott. Expensive homes being built on top and around these amazing, huge, rounded rocks (much better examples). It seems like it should be a national park area more than a housing development. Can you imagine seeing this every sunset? Anyway, it was soooo amazing. The structure of the rock is called spheroidal weathering and it is something I think you could never tire of seeing. 

This is for my friend, Ruth. We stopped by a new Buddhist temple, Amitabha Stupa, on the outskirts of Sedona at sunset. Sure wish you could have been with us to see this. I wish we could have spent a week in Sedona! Yes, and I grabbed a pocket-full of dirt for my collection.

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