Monday, January 30, 2012

Good Morning World

I tried to stay away form the computer and work on Brantlers (made a few new ones this weekend), clean house or something else more useful. 

I did 4 brave things this weekend: 

I talked about and linked to my Brantlers and other sites I have created recently on Linkedin discussion - Show off your WordPress site! 

I added Brantlers to my Linkedin as one of my businesses. 

Filled out all the paper work to apply for Edmonds Art Walk. (Would have it all finished but my printer decided to quit printing decent color prints). 

I wrote someone and offered to illustrate for them in exchange for a link back to my site. 

I have also been rewriting my resume (again). A friend of mine told me mine is just boring ... sort of like, no wonder no one calls you back ... depressing to hear but I am sure that is a correct observation. 

I have nothing fun to link to this morning. I am just as dull as the gray skies that I see in front of me right now. It is so still out with just a hint of drizzle. Sparkling beads of water hanging on tree limbs. Have been awake since 4a and am on my third cup of coffee.

I accidentally deleted my links in blog widget ... so had to go dig all that information and revise that. arrgghh. 

I also used a part of my brain that has been dormant. The shopping part. Stopped by Value Village on the way back from a meeting in Seattle to find/buy some old cork screws. My newest idea for Brantlers is a "screw ewe". As I was walking out I noticed a sweater that I loved for my mom. Noticed a sign that said "50 % off on sweaters". I hate to start searching for good clothing in those used clothing stores, because I become obsessed. After I had about 10 sweaters for mom, then noticed it was "50% off BLUE TAGS". Instead of 10, I found 3 really fun sweaters. But that part of my brain had fun for about 30 minutes. ;)

I also worked on my acrylic sculptures ideas again. I had put that aside months ago but think it is a project worth pursuing once more.

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