Thursday, September 01, 2011

Hard pruning

I shouldn't have spent the money but I hired Arborist (Evergeen Tree Care - they were great!) to prune our trees and privacy hedge that had gotten completely out of control. That was a full day of a crew trimming, cutting trees and reducing hedges! The Sweet Gum is now so beautiful with the cathedral effect when you look up ... the tree even looks happier! One sad part, I had them prune the snowball almost 3/4 of it's size. It had just taken over and was killing the maple. Will see if it survives that big cut.

The guys also told me they had never seen a Sweet Gum like this and I should have it listed as a heritage tree because it is so unusual. 


Shelley Noble said...

That IS a special tree! Well worth it!

Kim Carney said...

that is what they said ;) I love that tree but it has really grown in 20 years!