Thursday, September 15, 2011

Change the channel!

Thank God, Mom and I channeled away from "Entertainment Tonight" and found something sensible to watch after the news … The Climate Reality Project, "24 Hours of Reality" on Current TV. (I mean, who can stomach any more news about Taylor Armstrong and her black eye?)

I know people call me a snob when it comes to watching TV ... people that I know and love me, people that I worked with. With my mom's illness ... we have been watching more TV after the news (Nightly News and CBS Evening News) shows we like are over. And that is a challenge. After we have watched Midsomer Mysteries for the third time (on Netflix). What do we watch? There are some TV series that we enjoy, Castle, Luther, anything on PBS (History Detective, Antiques Roadshow, NOVA, Masterpiece Mystery), Suits , The Hour ... and others. I do not like reality TV shows except David and I like Project Runway. I don't give a shit about the Housewives of ... (plug in your city) ... (sorry about the language). My husband told me the other day that they are remaking "Dallas" and "Charles Angels" and I was speechless. 

Sorry about the rant. But I find myself throwing up in my mouth at those entertainment news shows. I don't care what movie star (reality-TV-recent-star with their new book release) has whatever problem, admitted themselves in some sex-addiction re-hab center, or are behaving badly.  I DON'T CARE! When I sit in front of the TV ... I want to 1.) learn something, 2.) be truly entertained, 3.) be scared silly, laughably so (I love to watch really silly scary movies like, Piranha and looking forward to Shark ... my family does understand this part of me), 4.) feel good (anything Jane Austen).

Sorry. I get really worked up about network TV. I really only wanted to  say whay a great program that 24 Hours of Reality was to watch.


Dorian Fletcher said...

I feel your pain. We are on our second outing with "The Wire" on Netflix and watched "Rome" again as well. I very rarely even turn on network television.

Kim Carney said...

Oh Dorian! After I posted that I started to feel really bitchy ... but I get so fed up with our selection of entertainment! That's it ... I would rather watch something "good" over and over rather than something boring "once" ;)

Amanda said...

You will be pleased to know that Downton Abbey Series 2 is starting in the UK tomorrow. No doubt it will come your way soon. I do recall you saying how much you enjoyed it.

Kim Carney said...

Really Amanda!!!! It can't come our way soon enough! I don't know why it takes so long for us to get the good stuff ;)
Hey, do you watch Midsomer? Have you seen the new one with the replacement chief detective? I am so anxious to get sets after set 18, which is where we left off. I think set 19 is the next to come to the U.S. You would think with the internet we could watch those online? I know there is a way to download a UK player ... trying to figure that out ;)

thank you for the heads up ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe try to check out the first series of 'Downton Abbey', Kim, you may enjoy it.