Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fun day

If I actually made money on my Brantlers, it would be criminal because I am having so much fun making them this week. I made 8 more today, larger versions (5-inch-tall), more distress (the rasp), different color combos. I have one more day - computer-free-work - before I need to go look after my work obligations.

Pixel's "illness" (anal-gland-problem ... that is all the details I am sharing) is making everyone closer today. Pica is obviously very worried about his buddy because he is usually not this friendly with Pixel.


Maxinetoo said...

Poor Pix ... hope she is doing better. xoxo

Waltraut said...

I love your brantlers very much, simple but very special. I wish you the best for your exhibition.
By the way, it was not possible to comment on Brantlers nor at your posting on Something regarding the brantlers.