Friday, September 16, 2011


My neighbors internet went out yesterday and I had to walk across the street to talk to him instead of skyping. Whew, what an inconvenience! ;) But I made good use of my time "outdoors" and foraged in their backyard. 

Sometimes I feel like I have a split personality! Running from power tools, creating, to making it happen on the web and css and trying to learn how to add paypal button, to contacting places to show and possibly sell my Brantlers. And that is in the 'off-hours', the rest of the time working to make money. ;) And of course, add in there, applying for jobs. Brainstorming with Rick about how to make this freelance existence happen in a profitable way.

tiny tiny moss?

Something for Brantlers:


Delicate pages in a mushroom book.

with a little surprise attached below

Just saw a humming bird at the honeysuckle.

I felt the weather turn from summer to fall the other morning at 5am. I was sitting at this computer when I felt the air turn cold, breeze rattle the blinds. The tree began weaving in the wind. I shivered and  thought ... goodbye sunny days. And that was it. Two weeks of summer. My lunch-time tan is fading.

Back to gray skies and cold mornings. (Not complaining ... I talk to my Texas friends and here how hot and dry it is there and am thankful for our weather.)

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