Monday, March 07, 2011

The sun is shining

With the sun shining so brightly, it is hard not to think about gardening. D and I are pruning grapes out of control. Hydrangeas are pruned. A little garden clean-up.

Mr. Brown Thumb is a wonderful and informational garden site, how to collect Allium seeds and how to save seeds

Mom told me lettuce was $3.99 the other day and we were talking about growing some, somewhere in the backyard, Farm in a Box is an interesting idea. Really loving Urban Gardens, getting hung up on wood.

How to make a Moss Chair and this A chair made of moss! I am going to make a couple these this summer.

I love A Way to Garden

Flowers outdoors by Mandy Schoch Photography

Mom brought in Andromeda Bush blooming right now.

Andromeda Bush


Shelley Noble said...

Kim! That floral shot is another stunner of yours! No one captures these like you!

PS still haven't designed more cards yet here.... Pls. stand by for action here.

Peruby said...

Ugh! And I thought 2.49 for a small head of Iceberg lettuce was high!

Kim Carney said...

Thank you Shelley! I wish I could help, I am losing my skills and getting bored ;)

Peruby ... we eat a lot of lettuce, but I think Costco still has a good deal on Romaine!

Amanda said...

Kim, This may appeal. It certainly does to me.

Also I don't know if you get them in the USA but cut and come again salad leaves are a must and so easy to grown. I have an old wooden sheep trough that is perfect.

As always beautiful floral photos

Kim Carney said...

Yes Amanda, I have seen those! Talk to my neighbor about putting those on our houses ;) My neighbor has a nice warm spot on the side of her house that I think would be perfect for a couple of those. I have one spot that is warm and sunny. ') the rest cold and wet.

Sherry Stewart said...

I've wanted to do a moss sculpture in the yard. Why not, all this moss. Lol actually I'm growing Irish moss which grows fast if I can keep the buttercups away. I'm thinking a woman lying on her side would be interesting.
So many ideas, spring, up.
Love the chair idea too.

Nice shot of the, is that a japonica? I forget.

Margaret Roach said...

Jack the Demon Cat and I love you back. Thanks for this!

Robin Horton/Urban Gardens said...

So glad you are enjoying Urban Gardens Kim! I am really happy finding your blog. Lovely shares!

Kim Carney said...

sure thing Robin! Loving Urban Gardens!