Monday, March 21, 2011

In perspective

Radiation Dose Chart puts things in perspective.

ONEHUNDRED series by kid grandios.

Beautiful ONAO paper products via So-Mee.

I was required to download the newest version of Firefox the other day and having nothing but trouble! I have to view half in Chrome, where I lose images, and half in Firefox 3.6.15, which I can't type or blog in. It is about the drive me nuts!


Peruby said...

Oh, no! I just checked. I have 3.6.15. Mine works great.

Maybe remove firefox altogether and re-download and re-install? Good luck!

I just began using Seamonkey. I kind of like it (have not had time to evaluate completely, yet).

OMG! My word verification is "sucks". No lie! LOL!

Kim Carney said...

Really? I was hoping they were bugs! I guess I need to install it again because it is driving me insane! Thanks for the heads up! I might look for alternatives in the meantime. (lol)

Peruby said...

Still might be a bug. I saw that firefox came out with version 3.6.16 - check the updatese! If yours is not automatic it is under the Help menu (at least on mine).