Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bird Songs

When I took the dogs out at first light and listening to one bird song. I aked myself, what is the first bird to sing at dawn? If there is an early bird, singing. I think I heard a Wren or Chipping Sparrow, but almost sure it is a or Song Sparrow. I am curious, what do you hear in the morning?


LindaSonia said...

I'm soo happy to have this site to start to recognize the bird sounds I hear. Not sure just yet what I hear in my neighborhood, but in testing out some of the bird sounds, my two cats' ears perked up in.a.hurry!!! One of them even came running to me in the direction of the sounds.

I think I'm going to have fun with this site. LOL!


Kim Carney said...

Oh me too! I am go outside and try to remember the song and run in and find one ;) That is so funny about your cats! I have so many birds in my yard now that I have to keep an eye on my neighbor cat that sits on the fence ... waiting, watching ;)