Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My first full week of blur

My first full week of unemployment has been a little busier than I anticipated. The first two days are a blur and since then, just busy. Filling out and filing papers, meeting at WorkSource, making note of all job applications and possible jobs close to home. Applying for jobs online is so strange and impersonal. One doesn't even know if your email was transmitted someplace. I dreamed of an illustration last night of that process. Lots of phone calls and a long to-do list, that is getting longer. ;)

I found a treasure trove of beautifully hand-built vases with unusual glazes today at the thrift store. So new vases for shooting.


new pink vase

New vase


Anonymous said...

Yes. All very Impersonal.
The changing of resumes for each possible job. And nowadays there isn't so much as a note it was received and as often no note being turned down. Reassurance that just as you begin to suspect, maybe you don't exist after all. :-(

Good luck.
I hope a great job finds you and your many talents.

Kim Carney said...

yes, I am noticing that now. All very disorienting. IT would be nice if there were some notice that email had been rec'd and rejected :) Thank you for your well wishes

But WE DO EXIST and we will find our place in this universe