Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eye spy at Sky

Meeting with the printers and decided to swing by Sky Nursery and see what's blooming. Met a lovely woman asking me about my shooting flowers. My son is making me lunch while I blog. I am spoiled.

The most interesting bits can sometimes be hidden behind the flower petals.

eye spy at Sky

Explosion of color

exploding colors

This on has little ears

eye spy at Sky

I almost like it better before the petals

eye spy at Sky

Notice those little dots at the base of the flower petals. Something I would have probably missed with the naked eye.

eye spy at Sky

All fuzzy-wuzzy inside

eye spy at Sky


Maxinetoo said...

These are so beautiful Kim! Hugs!

sophie munns said...

How gorgeous Kim!
...and i do love the new look here at your wonderful blog!