Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Exteme Life (Extreme Ice)

Okay, unemployment is keeping me a little busier than expected! Filing, meetings, seminars, applying, interviews. Whew, I am exhausted. Give me my cruddy job back. (just kidding) :)

Had an interesting seminar today. Rewriting my resume, defining what and who I want to be when I grow up. Wait, I thought I all ready knew that? Okay, I am rethinking all of that. Noting and writing it all down (for my next seminar).

Things I noticed today. I haven't been drinking Coke, at all. Only mint ice tea. No vending machine candy. I haven't been driving in traffic, well really, driving at all. Today, I drove in 1 1/5 hours in traffic and arrived home with a backache. (I haven't been taking much Ibuproben either). It was weird to even drive over 5 miles in traffic but I did remember this is where I did all of my brainstorming with myself. It was nice to have a little quiet time, to think, alone. I feel less stressed out. I feel hopeful. I feel excited. I feel optimistic (even if it is an illusion). I feel energized. I feel fortunate. I had an interview yesterday, and they like my work. It was a wonderful thing to hear, from someone's mouth - I love your work. I cried driving home after hearing those words. It was a great tonic.

I find myself being nicer to people. Strangers. Little kids at the checkout. I say hello and engage. I also find myself answering emails and seeking out friends. I visited a dear friend today, saw her house for the first time (she has lived there for sometime). Scheduling brunches. Making plans. Noting it all on my Google calendar so I won't forget. My brain is still not keeping up with all that is going on around me.

I have started an illustration series on unemployment and job searching after 50. With humor.

I applied for my 'dream job" today. Think they will email me back? ;0

Got home from all of that and really needed some mental down time. If you didn't get a chance to see Extreme Ice on NOVA, please, do yourself a favor and watch it.


lheurebleue said...

i hope you'll get your dream job! i cross my fingers!

Natalie Thiele said...

Life sounds good. It's wonderful to have the time for things you want to do. I hope your dream job comes through.
Love the new header!

Kim Carney said...

Thank you both, Natalie and l'heure bleue! Since it was so cold yesterday, it didn't really feel like grass cutting season anymore ... more leaves, but I didn't have any "leaf" thing yet to use in the banner.

Balwearie said...

Best of luck with the dream job! I'm glad you're enjoying your "time off". It makes a world of difference not to work in an office.

Kim Carney said...

Thank you Balwearie! yes, not working in an office, crammed in 2 feet from 4 other co-workers would be great! I do enjoy my little bit of elbow room and privacy ;)

BethR said...

So great that you even found a lead on a dream job so soon. Hope it works out so that you get the dream job and a little time to breathe and reset before you dive in. Isn't it great to have time to reconnect with friends...and with yourself?