Friday, August 27, 2010

Mercifully, this week ending

Mercifully, it is the weekend. A very long week. I haven't been so busy with personal matters in years. My truck, which slipped out of park while my husband had parked it and rammed into another vehicle, was considered totaled by the insurance company is now back home, safe in the driveway. Well, I don't have the mental or financial capacity to buy a new vehicle, opted to just have the damn thing fixed. But after writing a $2,850 check, received an insurance partial payment today.

Trying to figure out insurance for the unemployed. Can you see my forehead crinkle?

Had my eyes examined today.

M's car has a flat and needs new tires. Our 4 cars have been down to 2. No moving cars around in the driveway to let people in and out.

I have been doing online, never-ending job searches and filing for unemployment. Still, unemployment is questioning my status. I have an interview for freelance on Monday. Have been doing a small freelance job for now. That has been fun and rewarding.

Have a local blog for local artist/calendar idea started and proposing it to the local art connection tomorrow morning. My wordpress-expert-neighbor and I are very excited about all the work it will take to start and build this. But it will be fun.

Pica had an a vet appointment and both were down to get their nails cut. I bathed them for fleas.

M has been working full-time but without car at the moment. New tires look to be in our future.

And did I mention job-hunting online is like sending off a paper airplane to the moon never to see it again? I have an entire job-hunting-online-after-50 illustration series started in my head.

Have still not hung up my clothes in the last 3 weeks. That must be number ONE on my list for next week ... clean up and iron clothes. Life seems a shambles right now.

The printers are reprinting my friend's business card. I designed and had printed last week. 

I can't remember going to the bank so many times to make deposits. But deposits are a good thing, right?

Started working on my new ring ideas, need to get those to the laser-cutter. But still have not ventured down to my studio all week. Number two priority, after clothes.

My brother is in trouble, again. Got a collect call (won't bother to say from where). Told him I can't afford too many of those. $20 dollar collect calls.  I really wish he could find a solution to his mental problems. I love him but I can't stop him from hurting himself.

Did you know they don't make Coast soap anymore? I can't find it. I have bathed with that soap for 20+ years. Depressing. Trying to get my hair cut before my meeting on Monday. But have decided to stay with gray hair.

Paid bills and saw my bank account diminish. With no idea where more money is coming from. That was really depressing. Must cancel Comcast cable and get rid of storage unit next week.

Have a meeting with a career counselor next week. Revamp resume. Hung out at WorkSource for fun.  I have a story written in my head about being a career mother and missing out on precious childhood memories while pursuing a career which doesn't last past 50+. Not sure that was worth it now.

Neighbors complaining after our hedge being too tall and blocking their water view. Getting another estimate from landscapers.

On a good note, my wonderful neighbors gave me yet MORE wood to burn in my fireplace.

Have watched lots of good movies "On Demand" before I cancel service.

Feel the need to take a nap at 2:30pm and just fall down on the sofa with the dogs. With no remorse.

It rained, and watered my withering hydrangeas.

Received the most precious cards, emails and phone from loving friends. Wishing me the best.

So that was my week. Has it just been 17 days since this all began? It really feels like a lifetime. :) Looking forward to next week. Have to keep a detailed account of my doings on my Google calendar so I can keep up.


Anonymous said...

thanks for your honesty. the one about not being sure your career was worth it sure hits a nerve...

Kim Carney said...

I always thought my career was worth it, then. I read stories about women trying to decide between work or motherhood. I didn't feel like a had a choice. But the honest truth is, I sacrificed spending most of my son's life working it away. As many moms do. Thinking at the time that I was investing in my "career" and I let that justify that. I am not sure I would do that now. Just thinkin' :)

kim said...

I was able to stay home with kids from the time they were 5 and 1 to the time they were 16 and 12, then I suddenly became a single parent who had been out of the workplace too long. And believe me, the difficulty I had trying to make enough for us to live on made me wonder if staying home had been wise. We make the choices we make, and we deal with the benefits and trade-offs the best we can.

Kim Carney said...

Yes! We do. I was thinking about my friends who never had the choice or opportunity to have kids and thinking, at least I had the one child to consider. As women, I think we make extraordinary choices, in general. As one child of a single parent, I know the struggles of raising kids, admire and salute you! It is an extraordinary path single moms walk!