Saturday, January 02, 2010


2010 Calendar of Silly Holidays by Annica Lydenberg. I especially like September.

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Smashing Magazine's Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: January 2010

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The Polaroids 2010 Calendar by Alicia Bock

Decorate your own calendar

I have always wanted to make my own calendar using my photos and this morning I did, starting off with January 2010.

The large size would be the best to use for printing. You can adjust the size to fit on letter size during the printing process. With my new computer up and running, maybe a desktop calendar is next.

January 2010 calendar


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this picture, and your idea of creating a calendar! Unfortuantely, I can't seem to download it (and it would be in blk/grey shades, anyway) .. so, please seriously consider making one. I would love to purchase one and have it in my workroom!

Kim Carney said...

oh no! send me your address and I will mail you one ;)

plumcrazytreehugger said...

WoW! just beautiful. September is just lovely... bees, honey, hives, etc. have always been fascinating to me, so i was ecstatic to see this! Thanks for the wonderful post! :)