Sunday, April 20, 2008


Before I head out the door to work, my wonderful neighbor brought me a handfull of
Trilliums, that are blooming despite the snow flurries!



Did you ever see Alan Alda's Four Seasons? I am constantly reminding myself of two characters in the movie. The wife played by Sandy Dennis, divorced by her husband who later marries a younger woman, she spends three years shooting one vegetable ... not "vegetables", but one. Sometimes while looking through the lens at flowers ... I think, "am I turning into the woman?" And the second character that crops up in my head often is Danny, the dentist who is always going on about growing old, that he can feel, hear and smell his body decaying....yes, Danny. I totally understand you now.

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jill said...

Oh Kim, that is one of my all time favorite movies... Carol Burnett was hilarious! I loved it when they were on the boat vacation and the one couple you spoke of (divorced guy with new young girl) were "making noise" all night long... and Carol and Alan started cracking up so hard, it was just infectious!

Love, love that movie. Ps... your flower photos are SOO much more than "just one vegetable..." so much more!