Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fun Things

This haunting image of a Abandoned library via Jen Bradford.

Go download the Nanibird, especially Linzie Hunters!

Ginny Ballou, another ArtFester.

Sunday Afternoon Tea Party by Jen Bowles design.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim! I love the new logo for your blog. How absolutely grand!

Kim Carney said...

thank you Angela .. i decided it was time !

Anonymous said...

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See you there..

Anonymous said...

Hello Kim! Regarding the abandoned library, you should check here: http://www.sweetjuniper.org/BookDepository/

S'mee said...

wow. what a roller coaster! That library made me sad and the others got a few clicks and then some! thanks!

Kim Carney said...

omg waltraut ... those are incredible images! of waste? of toxic waste? of neglect? thank you so much for sharing those!