Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Tough Go Shopping

There is an advantage to getting up at 3:15a to go to work at 4a! Getting to leave work early, getting your hair trimmed (I think I have gone a year) and stopping by your favorite antique store (haven't been there in two years)! Having an early afternoon off work, no traffic has been good this week.

I stopped by Bernie's Antique store in Bothell. A wonderful old man who really knows his stuff in the perfect "junk" store with stuff in boxes to discover ...

I bought a few things today. A 1910 chemistry set.

1910 chemistry set

1910 chemistry set

With all of my woes with Flash last week, I thought this Flash-Aid flashlight was a good purchase.

"flash" aid

Bernie gave me a tablet for free.

please pay this amount

One black shoe.

one small shoe

Some dolls, some with a bad hair day.

you lookin' at me?

hey there

Bette Davis eyes

bad hair hday


Tara Ross Studios said...

You scored!!!!
Glad you found some goodies!!!


vallalar said...

I love the pictures, the finds and can imagine how it smells.

kelly said...

oh...i see happy days of creating ahead!

meggiecat said...

Are you going to keep the Flash Aid on your desk at work? Too funny.
My favorite pic is the last one, you really captured her personality! Those eyes.

S'mee said...

Back in the 80's I was in a thrift store when a young gal walked in with a tiny pair of black leather infant shoes, wrap around style with rolled buttons on the side, about ankle high, smashed and covered in clay. She offered them up to the store owner. Seems she had been hiking "out near Mormon Rocks" (in SoCAL's Cajon Pass) and stubbed her toe on one that stuck out of the soil just a bit. She dug and dug and eventually got the pair out.

The store owner took one look and said yes, but that she would donate them to the County Museum as a Pioneer find.

Can you imagine hiking and finding such a thing? (I can here that mom still. "Samuel! Where did you put the baby shoes? You're Pa's gonna kill you!)

Maureen said...

Kim, I WISH we had antique or junk shops like that one Bernie runs. I am seriously envious of your access to that kind of cool junk for your art pieces. Next time I come to Seattle ... will you please take me there for a fun afternoon? please?

I can imagine what you're going to do with these -- and I'm sure whatever you come up with will be loads better than my imagination says.